My name is Hakob Arakelyan. I'm a professional software engineer who develops web applications ( especially backend and including devops tasks), API endpoints and integrations, automation tools, payment gateways, scraping tools, manages Linux servers and handles a lot of other various tasks. My work has helped countless clients around the world to bring their ideas and software to life.


I love to create, and my favorite way to do this is through web development that fulfills a client’s need or solves a client’s problem. I’m passionate about fast, well-written, user-friendly applications. Providing clients with high-quality apps that meet their business needs is my top priority. I excel at solving technical problems using Python and JavaScript, and I also build expert applications from scratch in these languages. Furthermore, I am a skilled web developer with professional experience that includes network engineering, desktop applications development, full stack engineering, and more. I have helped many clients to find solutions to their problems. My successes include:

  • Web Applications with various features starting from user registration & dashboard up to a predictive recommendation system based on user actions history.
  • Created stable, fast, fully-functional architecture for my clients around the world, which were want to develop a bots, especially for Telegram and Facebook Messenger.
  • Developing a fully-functional REST API server with 30 API functions (standard is 15; a large app typically doesn’t exceed 50).


My career in IT began in 2012 when I started studying at Yerevan State University as a software programmer, and since that time, I have learned 4 programming languages and various technologies. My specialties include Python (3 years), JavaScript with NodeJS (1 year), HTML/CSS (1 year), Linux LAMP/LEMP administration (2 years) and other web- and desktop-related technologies. I am also a middle in QT and C/C++, but I use them only as console applications and libraries because I prefer web applications rather than system GUI apps. By the way, check out my awesome works.

My specialties are Python (Django, Flask, requests and other), C++ (Qt and other), JavaScript (NodeJS, jQuery, React.JS, AngularJS and other), Docker Containers, and Linux Administration (LAMP/LEMP/Other). However, I also have significant experience with additional tools and toolkits. Feel free to ask me more about the languages or instruments that will be required for your project.